About Us

Welcome to Rupali Business Center

Who Are We

Rupali Business Centre’s commitment to its members is evidenced by its indefatigable support. We work round-the-clock to ensure that every query is answered. Every email is read. And that everything humanly possible is done to ensure that every problem is solved. It is no easy task, the challenges involved when launching with such advanced technology are often impossible to foresee. What matters, we believe, is how these challenges are met. And overcomed.

Our Mission

Rupali Business Centre the mission is simple to provide it’s clients with the best Internet Service, with the best products, at the best possible price. A bold mission, you may say, but at Rupali Business Centre we strive tirelessly to achieve it. And where possible we prove this through deeds, not word.

What We Do

Everyday we are training new people to help enhance our service and support. But it is a process we do not rush, as our standards are high.As Rupali Business Centre continues to deliver its unique service across the city this is, as they say, only the beginning !

For support please call us on this phone number